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Monday, December 6, 2010

An Empress' Eyes

 Copyright 2010 K. Omodele

When he first saw her, he was convinced the secrets of the pyramids were etched in her eyes, the way they twinkled like she knew some mystery, untold. Unblinking, she scanned the room and it was like a lioness assessing her plain- basking in confidence that could move Nubia and Kush.
When he first saw her laugh, really laugh deep, life's divine essence danced with the spring sunlight, those glittering eyes sweet. 
After their first brief peck, her eyes squinted to slits, that's it? chastising him- like Head-mis-tress Harper with cane in fist.
Then he noticed, though stern, they still sparkled through rain and he realized that her eyes had conquered much pain. That made him wonder, are Queens only born  queens or can a woman be molded into royalty? the way intense pressure forms carbon to gems.
When they first really loved, her eyes were rolling lava, molten and slow. Her cheekbones high like the Nile Valley walls and he delighted as the river shimmered into her soul.
When she's gray, will the eye-corners pinch lines from the passage of time? Will they shine reminiscing these times?
Her regal eyes; her caring eyes; her vibrant, intelligent and intense eyes; 
eyes that scream independence; eyes full with thought;
Scrabble eyes bright; dreamy late night;
her eyes, her eyes, her eyes, her eyes!

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  1. Love this... who is she???

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I really, really, really LOVE this. I have to remind myself that pressure makes diamonds and that the twinkle in my eyes go back to the pyramids. It's like you never thought you'd forget and then ten years have gone by and the hips don't sway to Revolution like they used to. I enjoyed this and needed it. Thanks!

  4. @Cotton Carpenter... I am elated when Empresses are affected as you were. And I KNOW that beauty, like Divinity, is borne within...One Love. Thanks for reading


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