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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Black Story: InIstory (Ourstory)

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The African world-view regarding ancestors as an integral part of the living community makes it so much easier to identify a given generation with the struggles of an earlier generation. -Walter Rodney 

February has been made Black History month. And since many school systems neglect our global African voice, we must feed our youth black stories year round and integrate ourstory in their everyday educational growth and development. Don't rely on schools to be the main source of cultural information, then get disappointed when they fall short- hoist up some initiative.
Jah know, Kaya. Black I-story, di subject so big an brawling, I don't know weh fi start.
Mi Bredren, choose a story or event you most knowledgeable about or that intrigues you the most. My own main goal is catch the youth interest, make them want go study it for themself.
All I know is about Black history here in ______(fill in the blank). I don't know nuttn bout nowhere else.
That good. Start with what you know. But realize that Black people have been dispersed around the world, many through slavery, and as a result our stories also thrive and exist in places like Bahia, Brazil and Ponce, Puerto Rico. One of our duties as parents and elders is to infuse the youth with a sense of identity.
KAYA, stop chat foolishness! I said I don't know nuttn bout no African Diaspora.
Find someone knowledgeable that you know and respect then. Have them story tell like a griot. Gather reading material.
Feed the youth and let them grow. Feed dem knowledge, watch wismind (wisdom) increase.

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