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Monday, August 8, 2011

Seeking Makeda III: (Journey in Touch)

All rights reserved for The Abeng and My Conscious Pen/
YardCore International, Inc. Publishing

Seeking Makeda III: (Journey into Touch)
copyright 2011 K.Omodele

Queen of Sheba traveling to Solomon. A fresco ...There never was a time when Queen Makeda was naught.

Anticipating caresses...
by soul-stimulating fingertips
gentle nudges from Aksumite hips
lines traced on skin; breath short, light nips
and feather-brush strokes by silken lips.

Remembering the Empress'...
whispers call, goose bumps 'pon skin,
stirring response, the conga rid-dim
heart-warmed breath like whiffs of medzItational* bliss
soaks the eardrum, arousing soul-sensational lifts


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  1. You're so talented. I enjoyed this piece.

  2. what you seek seeks you...

    your poised pen may one day enchant One

    then, seeking Makeda
    will one day turn to seeing her


  3. @Imani...I give thanks for your kind words.

    @((i))you are very poetic yourself. The poet lives...days become hours become minutes become moments that snatch breaths ...


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