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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Caribbean Poetry: Calypso (in Tennessee)
       copyright 2014 K. Omodele


So, they're footin' it, side by side, shiverin'
'cross this Chat Town bridge with
pinkened lights, above, mellowing the
late-October dusk.
When they stop, toe the rail
overlookin' a docked-
grounded riverboat hotel,
she whispers, "It 'pose to be possessed; y'know, like haunted."
Then in her smile's incandescent wake the runnin' river shimmers
and the whole surroundin', suffocatin' city lights.

Then when she clutches his arm and
enwraps nippy fingers with hers,
it's like love-cravin' legs, like thighs,
her ankles encircling his back,
drawin' him in close, urgin'
"I'm try'na leave. Nex' time you go home,
PLEASE, take me with you!"

And this is the moment she begins, finally,
easing through his board and zinc fence.
Slips in, slow-ly, inching her way in
for the first time- she, spirited songbird
coos down his soul, entwines their thoughts,
titillates dreams, massages his need
to be needed; caressing wanting.

"Ain't no rush," he'd told her a while before
but both now realise she can masquerade no more
her lingering itch- her longing for
stimulating moments brimming over with Being
followed by endless wide-eyed
world-wide, whirl-wind tomorrows.

Now, face to face, their breathing flutters
hummingbirds suspended
her excitement building,
long, deep-strokin', Rapture-floodin'-a
moon-soaked beach-in-a-hammock-under-
his-palm-tree nights...
Temperature risin' now, beats throbbin' hot
Rubbin her up- this tropical riddim
tweakin' her treble, reverbin' her bass
pumpkin pumpin', pulsatin' her sumthin'
gradually sweetin', she- ripenin' papaw-
Tempo increasin', gatherin', growin'
now hurricane surgin'
'pon Carnival steel, pulse
pan, pangin'; pannin' and bangin'
slammin and rammin'
jammin' steamily
yearnin'. for. MORE:

Stars Bright
Moonbeams SPARK
gush thru she heart
Now gallops settle and trot
trembles. sighs. still, now.
Eyes fill with wonder
mind graspin'
pantin'. gaspin'.
She breathless,
Kai so ca lypso
all up in she
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