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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Seeking Makeda II: (Journey InSight)

Seeking Makeda II: (Journey InSight)
copyright 2011 K. Omodele

(Empress Makeda...)

Skin glistening like a rippling river's dark sheen
eyes glittering, dancing- two black diamonds gleam
nose gently-molded, rounded from Iteru's* clay
plum-passion lips kissed silt scooped from Ṭiqūr ʿĀbbāy**
Makeda's smile illuminates as moon-bright beams
reflecting Lake Tana*** deep in Nubian Queens

*the KMT (ancient Egypt) name for the Nile River 
** Ethiopian name for The Blue Nile (Ge'ez  ጥቁር ዓባይ; Ṭiqūr ʿĀbbāy is literally Black Abbay)
***source of the Blue Nile (location Ethiopian Highlands)

copyright 2011 K. Omodele

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