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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Seeking Makeda I: (Journey into Sound)

All rights reserved for The Abeng and My Conscious Pen/
YardCore International, Inc. Publishing

Seeking Makeda I:  (Journey into Sound)
copyright 2011 K. Omodele

Because Makeda is still a symbol of the epitome of African wombmanhood, there was never a time when the Empress was not…

...Empress Divine…
like destiny enshrined in mind and time
as gems essence glows in Solomon’s mines
sublime, King Solomon’s sun-burned sweet
divinely implanted life's breath, heart beat

breath takes
pulse race



fun-deh,  bass

vintner’s red glint in long ling-er-ing kiss
on Rosa-moist lips inhaled soul-ful bliss

copyright 2011 K. Omodele


  1. Iwombman wonder if InI mention that I write poetry and do spoken word in the Philadelphia area on occasion? love the vibes and ebb and flow, like the beach a Negril, to give heart a pulse and the mind a sound when loneliness takes InI when you are not around. Selah! ha ha forwarded your inquiry to the sista in charge of Read Across Jamaica. Perfection Honorable.

  2. @Innerpeace4life I give thanks. you nailed the poem's feel and its intent on the head. Glad you sighted the meaning and felt where I was going "heart pulse". Sound...


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