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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Woman Who Cried

  Woman Who Cried
Copyright K. Omodele 2007

Can I mend your lacerated heart?
Douse the fire pain
and together face hard-wind rains
that lash slash slash lash.

Woman let me soothe your punctured heart
Saddle my back your burden-load
The climb feels a steep
never-ending, raggy road...
my shoulders can brace your wailing soul

Copyright K. Omodele 2007

***This poem is a tribute to my Auntie Jenny who lost her elder son, Kirk, over fifteen years ago in a gun accident. I have seen, first hand, how such a tragic loss can affect the human spirit and soul. Everyday, she Rises... and I think that is testament to the resilience of the Human Spirit.

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  1. Bwoy,that is some broken heart.... Nice use of the elements; fire, wind and rain. Feeling this one..


  2. Your descriptions almost made me shed a tear. I don't know if this work is a result of a personal experience or if it's written for the many wounded hearts out there.

    Either way it invoked feelings of my own disappointments and heartbreak leaving me longing for those broad shoulders you speak.

    Great imagery.

  3. BTW, I like the new design of your page. Change is good!

  4. @ Nik I am elated that you recognised my use of the elements..."universal" symbols

    @ Anonymous Every piece I create is drawn from personal experiences, even if indirectly. In this case the woman's pain isn't my own but it consumes me nevertheless... I have just received permission to introduce her source of pain so stay tuned...

    It would be great if you would sign in so I could get to know my readers better. I am grateful for the time you take to comment...


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