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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Caribbean Poetry: Catharsis (When I Write...)

Caribbean Poetry: Catharsis

(When I Write...)
a free-style

©2010 K. Omodele

When I write, I:
seal long–time wounds in my soul
try stitch a heart that’s been torn
mend this conscience I
've worn...

When I write, its like:
slitting my wrists when I vent
scribbling blood with my pen
I'm awakening each sense…

When I bleed through my pen, its like:
purging away old stabbing pains
watching them swirl down the drain
then lifting my face to more rain...

I word to di riddim of drums when I write!
I sound di Abeng from plantations when I’m right !
draw power from villages and slums, passage rites!

Tom Feelings when I write/
Count Ossie when I write/
When blind, more sight/ when dark, more light/
my stain, my plight/my pain, my fight/

I create a unique, lyrical mural -
when I write...
I am right.

©2010 K. Omodele


  1. serious opening to the soul. Give thanks for this window of reason.

  2. @KayaOne More Love, More Light, More Fire, More Sight, mi Idren!


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