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Friday, July 15, 2011

Silent Violence

Silent Violence
by Kaya Omodele 11-15-07

Lonely bird in a cage croons longingly
Day by day his tune sours, dims to a wail
Until one night his heart bleeds of silence

Caged and draped in only a muffled wail
Shivering, wings fractured, hauntingly silent
Languishes… Laments…Sighs longingly

One final breath, discomforting silence
Peaceful now? Finally, no more wailing?
No pain? Sorrows dry? No further longing?

Forget singing; I know why a caged bird
wails. Silence is Violence.
Copyright K. Omodele 2007
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  1. This is beautiful. The haunting emotions evoked from the words are vividly done.

  2. @Clara B Ray...I appreci-love the thoughts of a talented wordsmith. Blessed Love and Light.Thanks for visiting me.


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