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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mother To Son

copyright 2010 K. Omodele

trademark The Abeng/Yardcore International, Inc.
A frustrated mother says to her eleven year-old son:
"Son, know this: a farmer don’t just plant, so. Is a long, drawn out process to grow good crop- it don’t just happen -BUDUPS- outta de blue, it tek (takes) work and diligence.

First, you as the farmer must burn down all trees and bush over de land. Then, after that, till the earth-and that mean turn it over wid a big fork or machine and make up some beds of soil. Then yuh have to prepare and fertilize the soil with manure and dung, which in itself is a bitch ‘ca (because) it stink so to high heaven. Is a shitty task, Son, but essential beca good crop don’t grow in unfertile soil. And if not manure then compost, which can be dead fish head and banana peel, orange peel anything so.

So now after that, when you as de farmer done prepare the soil, tek yuh seed and plant dem in a drum, pan or can or something so. When they sprout up, yuh nurture dem into seedlings. After the seedling dem catch, den yuh transplant dem into the soil beds and then the real nurturing and nourishing start- water, preening, all dem type a thing. You can’t just expect them fi grow so- wild weed will come and choke dem. So you must keep weeding out bad growth from round dem as the grow. And after all that, you might get a good crop and not bad breed.

So, Son, yuh see how much preparation and work and care go into planting a good crop? GOOD! Then is the same thing when you want find a woman and plant a seed in her… yuh cyaan (can’t) just fling good seed in any soil so. You must tek time and mek sure her soil well nourishing, meaning that she will nurture yuh seed when it grow. Take yuh time! And, Son, careful: some soil wha look rich might be poison! So, watch and mind how yuh flinging yuh seed!

One more thing…pay attention, Pickney! Whenever you do go plant a seed, be like the
good farmer; meaning, TEK CARE MIND IT WHILE IT GROW!"

copyright 2010 K. Omodele

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  1. Love the perspective.

    Often times we omit the shaping/cultivation of the young mans' perspective because we deem it unimportant and/or think it's only women/young girls who need these types of conversations/schooling. Love it!


  3. @ Anonymous... this perspective is very relevant nowadays, with the massive number of single mothers in our communities.

    @ Chantell: glad it moved you....


  4. Big up Rasta, you did it again!! Brothers need to hear this word more often... K

  5. Title reminds me of Langston Hughes poem of the sme title - Crystal Stair reference.

    Loves it.

    Would really like to hear it, with the rich dialect and all. Record!

  6. Finally, you're back, and with yet another tantalizing piece. I love the analagy.... and the real talk from the mother to her son...NICE! Loving the colloquialism -BUDUPS....LOL!!


  7. @ Kaya: yes, the perspective is very relevant today because of the many mothers advertently or inadvertently left to raise their young men by themself.

    I wish more single mothers would impart more of this knowledge w/ their young men but then again, it was never intended for women to play that role....i'm just saying....

  8. @ Anonymous II... I love how you analyzed the piece's content.

    @ Anonymous III... Very relevant! And you are right, Empress. Bredren need to step up...!


  9. I love this. I am going back through your archives to try and find wome more patois writing!

  10. careful: some soil wha look rich might be poison!


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