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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Linden: Age of Innocence

Linden: Age of Innocence
copyright 2011 K. Omodele

Gentle breeze hoists clouds, lifts away a storm
Parakeets chat harmonize innocence
Boats glide lazy on a black river stream

Sun-molten, tar road winds thru innocence
Trains haulin' bauxite ricket up a storm
Three times each day a horn bellows a stream

Now time's rolled by like that black river stream
did glide. Life's a bowed coconut tree in storm
which snap-whips all semblance of innocence.

copyright 2011 K. Omodele


  1. yep...yep! captured perfectly

  2. @Devon... I miss the staggering amount of fruit trees.

  3. you definitely can write... you always capture the essence of a place. I'm ready for the book! ((i))

  4. ((i)) *with humility* I will do my best not to disappoint the Empress.


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