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Saturday, August 27, 2011

When Things Fall Apart

 When Things Fall Apart
Each day I see the effects of the absence of men/fathers/husbands from families in our communities. It is apparent in my neighborhood with the little boys who scurry the street at close to midnight. It is evident when my own blood sister's eyes squint tight with frustration 'cause her little man got into trouble at school. Another sistren's young daughter talks about her Dad constantly, but hasn't seen him in 'bout a year. Seems like everywhere I turn, absentee fathers leave their marks-things fall apart.
When we gone, things fall apart in some way or another. The family fabric is altered when we're not there and some Sisters struggle on their own, many resorting to hustling or food stamps to supplement meager single incomes. They struggle alone in five-season old dresses and patch up-patch up jeans. Drag our seed around with them in mini vans, subway cars, or putt-puttering twelve-year -old Mirages, dropping the children off at day cares (they can barely afford) or family members. Then, they rush off to cash registers or  mop closets or clerk desks or,  community colleges if they're lucky.
From Lagos to Linden, London to LA, when fathers disappear children become some department's statistics. Often, girls grow into fractured women and boys into inmates. I KNOW. I'm sure you know, too, what happens to our families when things fall apart.
Bredren, Love our sistahs/Big up di Sistren! Mentor a child!
Or get the hell out the way.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. yes iya givethanks for the positive sounds as i grow i learn that two of the most inportant days in our life is the day we were born and the day we realize why we were born i think when you are in alinement of why you are here that give you a sence of happiness and a sence of fulfillment and a sence of joy that passes all human overstanding so continue to do what you do best more love more blessings

  3. Truer words have never been said. Bless up to all the Fathers who ARE making a positive impact in the lives of their children. Why did they sigh then smile, then only to cry. I really began to see hope in the second stanza ... could picture the lake and everything ...'sigh'
    Love it!!

  4. It is a subject that makes people uncomfortable at times and rightly so, men who once were the pillar of our family have disappeared, and please don't give me bull about it's the "Man's " fault,or society, no jobs, etc...The only one to blame, is the reflection in the mirror!

  5. @ nik. First Stanza - chaos. Second Stanza - found joy with the girls (I-ngels=Chass & Cam) , peace. Third stanza-incarceration. They cried during that first visit. Kaya

  6. Bird chat-Ella scat...My favorite line! And I was also using the imagery of tumbled stones last night. Thanks for posting the link on FB today!

    As for the message, you're on point, as always.

  7. @Cotton...thanks for your comments. ELLA Fitzgerald...#theultimate. Oh, and thanks for trodding through. I Love when you visit.


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