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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pressure Creates Diamonds

 Pressure Bursts Pipes

One evening on the football pitch, a man is standing, lining up a penalty kick to win the match. Seconds balance on a ledge as he bores a glare into the ball and a next man bawls out from the sideline, "Preshah Buss Pipe," the sound echoing around off trees, walls, and in the minds of man and man.

Nuff times in life, nights seem never ending. At some point in time, the verb and noun "struggle" morphed into a proper noun, "The Struggle", the emphasis worn on the backs of "Strugglahs/Strugglers." Often, the burden bends and eventually breaks some of them backs. But the same hardships or preshah that buss pipe, that said pressure creates diamonds.

Unit cell of the diamond cubic crystal structure                    Pressure Creates Diamonds

Carbon is a mineral and diamonds are allotropes of carbon, which only means it is the same carbon existing in another form. Oh by the way, Carbon is abundant in and about and all throughout the Universe. It's found in all living things, all in me and you. The interesting thing 'bout diamonds is that they are formed over millions of years, by high-intense pressure and molten temperatures deep down in the earth. These extreme measures change the structure of carbon, hardening it and adding the illustrious qualities that make diamonds. This new carbon structure's (diamond) superlative hardness, strength and density allows for little impurity. Purity and transparency, combined with its structural rigidness makes a diamond reflect light with luster. This is why a diamond sparkles and shines.

So now, see how a lump of coal (contains carbon) is formed into a tough, beautiful gem? The same preshah that buss pipe is that said pressure wha'  create diamonds. For us, the difference is in how we react; our response indicates whether we folding, leaking down di drain when things tough; or, if we coming sparkling like diamonds, fresh out di rough and harder than any natural material. This is how Bredren and Sistren SHINE, despite and in spite of adversity...Strive to come in as a gem. Yuh done know... BLING, naturally.

SANDY, UT - JUNE 18: Kyle Beckerman #5 of Real...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeOh, and the penalty kick...
"PRESHAH MEK DIAMOND, " the brother  answer back right after lacing the ball in the right V*. Shine on mi bredren. Shine on!

*V the corner of the goal where the crossbar and the post meet.

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  1. I really love the information on your blog, it's very educational. Thank you for commenting on the Clovis and Garvey articles at JamaicaYard you raised some very valid points. I will continue to visit "The Abeng and My Conscious Pen". I might not comment on the articles but I always read them. Keep up the good work

  2. @JamaicaYard Give thanks Idren. The Clovis article really had me vex for a whole heap a reasons.
    And like-wise, I enjoy the work over @ JamaicaYard. Bless up. And I give thanks for you trodding through.

  3. This is why I read you! This is why YOU write! Pressure don't just bust pipe, it cause chain reaction... I reacting! Movements of Jah People indeed! :)


  4. @DASHEEN magazine Tynisha...Thanks for your kind words. I feel honored. And, I look forward to seeing you here more often.


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