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Sunday, April 3, 2011

March 27...(Comfort of Fools)

copyright 2011 K.Omodele for The Abeng

A new beginning...

her sashay graced the catwalk
snatched his thought,
suspending his breath
on a climatic ledge
gripped his stone-flint heart
and struck a SPARK!

the river-walk in Augusta
arms en-wrapping arm
skin caressing skin
sun-warmed hearts coddling
prom dates whisper in spring
soft kisses dripping promises
of life-long tomorrows
filled with never-ending,
early-morning pillow talk
and private sabbatical reasonings
interpreting Love and contemplating Life...
love of a lifetime
learning through life, time
growing, graying
soul intertwining soul
and the promise
comforted only the fools
Jah knows, their yesterdays crept in the way...

copyright 2011 K.Omodele for The Abeng


  1. it's a very romantic 1.. make me feel like a real woman in love, like i want to be touched! in that same way

  2. Beautiful!! ... love the description of how she stole his thoughts and left him breathless...
    I like the ending better without the last line, though. Adds a bit of dat :)

  3. @JamaicaRocker GOOD! u checked in on us again...Thanks.

    @Sarah.... watch out,now! lol Keep reading.

    @the Nik.. you may be right. I might need you as my editor. Thanks for your input. I'll take this into consideration when I put it in the book (where I include two more verses)

    Bless up


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