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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Caribbean Herbal Teas: Lemon Grass and Ginger Tea

Lemon-grass and Ginger Tea
Sleepily I waddled on wobbly knees into the kitchen. Grated piece of ginger, crushed up two lemon grass stems, then, scooped them into a pot of water. As the tea boiled, I gazed out the window wondering "since when a little soccer and uphill-jogging turn into a sore-jointed morning after?" as an up-crawling sun inflames the morning-black sky.
After boiling up, I poured the tea into a cup and sweetened with agave- yeah man, watching my sugar levels also.  This combination tea has quickly become one of my favorites. First of all, if you didn't know, I love spicy flavors (actually I love HOT!! but you can control your own  level- the more ginger, the more spicy) and this tea has a tangy and almost peppery taste. But most importantly, the combination possesses anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, not to mention all-out healthy qualities, that my body needs and holistic properties that calm anxieties, which my mind and soul crave. We should call herbal/bush teas such as this Redemption Teas: emancipating  us from mental and physical distress. I have been drinking this tea for a month now and it has helped alleviate the pain. In March my knees and football -kicking joints were on FIRE!
Tune in, I'll let you know in a next month or so how it goes...

 Kaya's Lemon Grass and Ginger Tea

small pot of boiling water
a few (2-3) lemon grass stalks
one  ginger root
agave nectar

  1. Crush lemon grass stalks with flat side of a knife
  2. Grate or slice up ginger root
  3. add both to a pot of water under a med. to high fire
  4. allow to boil out for no less than five minutes
  5. pour into a cup and add agave nectar to your taste

*Lemon grass (aka fever grass or razor grass) is an excellent natural cleanser that helps detoxify the digestive tract, bladder, liver, kidney and pancreas. It also assists in cutting uric acid (which when built up to high-concentrated levels lead to arthritic gout and kidney stones), lowering cholesterol, excess fats and other toxins. It alleviates indigestion and gastroenteritis while stimulating digestion and blood circulation. Lemon grass, which has a citrus flavor, is I-la (wonderful) for treating nasal congestion, cough and flu-symptoms. And, of importance to breastfeeding mothers, it also stimulates lactation.
Ginger is an important root and herb renowned for ailments such as nausea, upset stomach, stomach cramps, and various digestive problems. Its rich volatile oils contain active ingredients gingerol, zingibain, shogaols, and many other components that aid in treatment and protect the immune, circulatory and respiratory systems. Ginger helps lower LDL Cholesterol by reducing absorption in the blood and liver. It inhibits the only enzyme that feeds prostrate cancer cells. It is a strong antioxidant, contains two natural antibiotics, boosts the immune system and eases mucus congestion.

**By the way, gingerol is an anti-flammatory compound that relieves arthritis and joint pain, which is why my Granny, a real herbalist, uses ginger each morning and insists that I use it also...
Science seems to be validating many old time traditional remedies!

Properties of Ginger
Health Benefits of Ginger

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  1. I need some of this tea in my life! My coworker just spoke to me abt it yesterday! No idea where I would find lemongrass though!

  2. Good Morning Jonell. Fevergrass / Lemongrass can be found at Asian grocers. You can look one up online for your area. It is quite relaxing, but word to the wise: caution- never over do herbal teas and remedies. Moderation is the key.

  3. i found out where to get it! so once a day should be ok im assuming....

  4. @Jonell... Of course. Once a day cool. I love it with a touch of agave nectar...Hope you enjoy :)

  5. Great Article
    Thanks for the information :)


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