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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

SmashWords' Read An eBook Free Week Offers Cries of Redemption Through March 9th

Cries of Redemption is free on Smashwords through March 9th as a part of their Read an Ebook Week. You can now make my book,part of your digital collection. Cries of Redemption illustrates the struggles of maafa in America and the Caribbean; it celebrates the African Diaspora, the Black Experience, and pan-Africanism. 

"A new #Caribbean voice from the diaspora who, 'Now wants to flutter throughout the world, dipping and dashing and lifting up with rhythm of the winds, the winds of change.
This is a masterpiece of literary writing that draws on [his] experiences... The writer is 'writing to keep warm' but he keeps us all warm with his intelligence and keen observation of the broad sweep of life."
Jan Augustin
Lecturer (Language and Communication).
Antigua State College. Eastern Caribbean

"Cries of Redemption" is a travel guide to consciousness. It is a beautiful rendition of the author's journey through life, his observations, and his reflections, all captured in prose and poetry that reflect the influences on his life. K. Omodele takes us on that journey...revealing relationships between the freedom of the mind and the imprisonment of the body, the rebellious child and the wizened adult, the unconscious instinct and the focused mind.
This is a book for minds seeking the intervention of truth and beauty in the midst of social and political chaos, confusion, racism and ugliness."
Kojo Nnamdi,
The Kojo Nnamdi Show,

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