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Monday, March 21, 2016

Chicken Little And The Carrion Crow: The Introduction (Street Literature)

           Chicken Little and The Carrion Crow (Introducing An Urban Story)
                                       copyright K. Omodele  2016

Let me tell you 'bout things the way I see them. You go through life forever lonely, ever alert and aware of your surroundings, all while searching for something to make the Harshness bearable. Y'see, there's this everlasting gloom hovering all around me, a constant heaviness, a steady uneasiness I feel every single living day as I trod over the hills and through the valleys, the gutters and the alleys of my life. It's the overwhelming realization that, no matter how much sun is shining right here, right now, sooner or later something bad going drop on my head. Short Man say I too damn pessimistic, so now my whole crew call me Chicken Little.

I don't always know the precise hour or the minute this Harshness going wake up, shake up and drop the hammer; don't even know the fullness of the chaos it going bring; but as sure as dusk and dawn and death, it going come. If you don't believe nothing else in the world; believe that! Me? I just keep praying the next time it swoop down it don't bring about my total destruction and absolute demise.

Yeah, I have moments when I'm enjoying meself, like when basking in that warm, catch-breath afterglow with a woman- you know how! But then, even times like these still be haunting to me because I know deep down in my heart and soul that the Harshness right there, somewhere, maybe right outside the Marriott room door, waiting. It lingering, lurking, looming, ready to flap down like some dutty ole crow. So, all when I'm palavering and laughing, sipping two stout with me friend, in the depths of my conscience I expecting something worse. That's why come Chicken Little forever keep gun closer than skin and bone.

I want you understand this, the Harshness is our judgment 'pon de earth. All the world's injustices and conflicts and mischief feed it. It carnivals in vanity and greedy tendencies, in all a we pillaging and we plundering. Is a executioner and when it descends, expect repayment tenfold; whether it dive down with viciousness or glide down, slow and deliberate, wings cocked back, more dreadful and imposing than Armageddon.
It's always there. Waiting.

Like the night Short Man got wet up* in a reggae dancehall called Turntable back in the days when crack was king and D.C. was murder capital. I could feel it in the air, 'midst all a we Moet Chandon-ing and indica burning...

*shot up


  1. Wow.... this is deep... powerful. I hope those dreadful thoughts remain just that... thoughts, and not manifestations.

    The crows... to one day wake up, open the door and not be scared of the crows... That would be something... I hope that becomes possible for you.

    May you always be safe... May you always be protected... with Jah's eyes upon your back, ready to intervene should you ever find yourself in harm's way.

    Blessings and wealth ever more, Brother.

    1. Dear Arose, I enjoy reading your feed back; more so, when I realise you have totally identified with Chicken. ;-)
      He's the first character I ever loved, in terms of spending time shaping and molding his voice. But you don't know, I first began this character and story/series over fifteen years ago, in 2001. At that point in my life writing kept me focused on light that crept into my dungeon. So, I created him in a time of deep reflection, y'know? Deep introspection. I am glad he has you drawn in. He has gripped me too..
      What will happen next?

  2. Yes, Chicken has really drawn me in.... It gets more riveting with every read...The more I read, the more I am beginning to overstand Chicken's plight... and the One who pens his life.

    It is when you are in that deepest, darkest hell that the best works are written. The dungeon was such a place for you... The Genesis of your best writings were birthed through the most unspeakable sufferings endured...And yet, here you are... you survived.

    There are still many rivers to cross, Dear Brother.... and Comrade in this war we call Life.
    Swords up, my Friend... :-)

    Yes... what will happen next? Oh the suspense, lol....

  3. When I started to read this story, I couldn't stop. Very engaging. Vivid descriptions.The Caribbean words....Brought me back to a place I remembered in my own childhood. "Rent a tile" dancing too....Cant wait until your book is avail for purchase. Im 1st in line

    1. Well now, Ms SJ. Thanks for passing thru. I'm thrilled that the descriptions brought you back into a treasured place. As a writer, my biggest challenge is to draw my reader into the story, hold her tight and do an let go. I'm so happy you're satisfied with the piece. Stay tuned...there's more to come from this crew. ;-) You might even find some more of yourself in the story.... Art illuminates the universal...


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