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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Abeng Presents: Cries of Redemption

Cries of Redemption: Songs of Life
.@The Abeng #abeng #literature

:the act, process, or an instance of redeeming

transitive verb
2: to free from what distresses or harms: such as
  a: to free from captivity by payment of ransom
  b : to extricate from or help to
overcome something detrimental
  c: to release from blame or debt :clear
  d :to free from the consequences of sin

3: to change for the better : reform
4: repair, restore

My Little Sister commanded this book be created. She damn near demanded I compile Cries of Redemption from some of my writings she'd read. She's always twirling me 'round her little finger, so you know she got her way - as a big brother, ain't too much I denying my Baby Sis.

So, even though Cries of Redemption wasn't supposed to be my debut, here it comes. It's a variety book: story and rhyme (prose and poetry), joy and pain, sensible and little bit schupidy (jokey or playful).
But I'm sharing my reflections on them pages. Even when the stories are not about me, they're my perceptions, still. I'm a writer because I want my voice, no I need my voice to be heard. This is why I write. And like Steve Biko, I Write What I Like!
Jah Bless
K. Omodele
Cries of Redemption, coming November, on Amazon.

UPDATE: Cries of Redemption is Now Available on Amazon


  1. That's what's so cool about being a big brother (or a big sister).... You're like a rock star to your younger siblings... especially the babes of the family lol.... I'm like that with my big brother too ^_^ ....

    It's great to hear about what inspired you to debut with this book... I'm sure this book will do your baby sis proud....Family and being a writer is everything.... Much respect always. ^_^

    1. I certainly hope so, Arose. Much respect to you also.


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