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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Induction of My Past

I heard, "No man is an island," many times in my life, but only processed the words from one perspective- that as human beings, we all need other people in our lives; i.e., we aren't seperate entities totally independent of others. This is true, of course, but I found out first hand that this guinnep is a "twinnie"-there's more than one seed here. It is bigger than the small i and, through experience, I found a Universal truth that transcends the statement's surface meaning.

Our actions affect those around us. That's it. Every single thing we do in life, in some way, no matter how small, affects someone. Simple; but I never used to really study that. As a result of my oversight, I unintentionally caused a lot of pain and hurt and confusion amongst the people closest to me...innocent people. The results of the choices I've made in life have strained some of my relationships. That's the price...Regret. Jay-Z said you gotta learn to live with them. I have to tek lil time and rebuild bridges and tear down couple fence.  Jah know, I hope its not too late.

Induction of My Past
©K.Omodele 11-07

Society's exiled outcasts
Numbered sheeple, penned to the side
Chattel once more, bounded self-pride
Dignity waves but at half-mast
Can we escape a haunting past
which sew the seeds- our souls' demise?
Pine box, cell blox, our grace denied?
Induction of our ruff neck past.

Is there redemption for sordid souls?
Confined by our pasts, perdition nothing more
Striped with contrition, confusion, neglect
Will bloodstained hands ever grow cold?
Find peace in the robe the Emperor wore
summation of our past-live with regret.
©K.Omodele 11-07


  1. continue too amaze I with the concious pen so valuable for the blind

  2. Love the intro .. agree: life is a series of decisions. Each decision has its consequence either positive or negative based on the choice you make... just gotta live with the consequence based on your decision.


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