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Friday, October 8, 2010

Omodele: The Son Also Rises

copyright 2010 K. Omodele

Sunrise is a gold-smeared promise, with its hint of anticipation. Day clean; a new slate; a rebirth, like Spring, except The Son is only a day older. He's excited as he embraces each Dawn- a time to briefly contemplate then bury yesterday's mistakes. Can't undo what has been done. (Did Basquait ever erase smudges; did he cover smears?)

Sunrise is a vernal whisper cascading over dying winter silence. It blankets the algid night and its dew-draped freshness inspires, murmuring, "Today is a new day." Pond water steadily slushing over stagnant stones is his mantra, persistence will eventually form, shape and mold the unyielding. "Life is change; stagnation is death."

The Son rises with the sun. He rises like the sun...With the confidence worn by a warrior who has trodded through a hail of brimstone and gunfire, he meditates over his canvass, lifts his chin and continues painting the rest of Life's Journey...


  1. This is really a clever piece; the way you go back and forth between the sun and the son.... and the description of the sunrise is brilliant!....

  2. True words indeed, and very significant to recent events in these times. Great words interpreting the subtle movements we all know as life

  3. @ Anonymous thanks. I'm satisfied that the parallel is noticed...

    @KayaOne... True, Bredren. Life is full of subtle, yet significant movement.

  4. reading this leave me reminiscent of... "its like when u listen to jazz, it has a certain soul to it with a buzz"


  5. I think this is one of your best pieces to date! Sorry it took me so long to comment however, I had to savor the words/thoughts/ideas/concept. I had to let every word penetrate my being then gather my thoughts.

    It's very metaphoric and I think there should be a follow up piece for your readers.

    I love your mind-now keep me entertained!

    With Love


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