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Tuesday, March 8, 2016


                        Abeng Poetry: No Fairy-Tale Valentines (A Sonnet for a Queen)
                                             copyright K. Omodele 2016

For The Empress:

I do not celebrate Saint Valentines
I know December Twenty-Fifth's untrue
Laugh to the floor at mythic fairy tales
But envision dancing 'mongst stars with you.

Won't fool our child about no Easter eggs
Saint Nick with reindeer and sleigh 'pon roof
If he asks me have I known miracles
Tell him Jah gifted to me him and you.

Queen-mother you rode rough roads with your King
Determined hearts can tumble walls, that's true.
When he questions us 'bout divinity
We'll pull him tight, wrap my arms around you.

Won't masquerade ball no Valentine themes,
Just three-step* whole night my child and my Queen.

* a type of waltz to soul music

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