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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Time steals youth like waves thief the soil
and mushes it to slushy silt
Visions once strong as oxen gait
fade like leaves on autumn trees wilt.

Time’s a crude fire; smelts love from a heart
fond moments from minds like copper from bronze
extracting core Truth from precious al-loys
some rivers turn streams, some oceans turn ponds

Time is...water carried in a wicker basket absent-mindedly handled as if the vessel would miraculously retain the inevitable...
Copyright 2010 K. Omodele


  1. Ah ... so true; time robs us of alot of things and it's the one thing we can't reverse. I love this piece,it really reminded me of how precious time is and how so much change can occur over time.... Beautifully written!!


  2. Nikki...Thanks for your continued support.

  3. Love the way the stanzas epitomizes the title.

    Love this, "Time is....water carried in a wicker basket......miraculously retain the inevitable". Wow, that is wicked visual! (all the other stanza are too... smile)

    So much to talk about here and I think could make a healthy discussion. You captured time's beauty (it waits for no man) and used such great imagery.

    One Love,
    Your Empress Divine

  4. Your writing is serious business, brotha! Always captivating, and your descriptions make a movie for the reader, leaving layers for us to mull over.

    That's the mark of a gifted writer. I also like the following:

    "Time is...water carried in a wicker basket absent-mindedly handled as if the vessel would miraculously retain the inevitable"

    absent-mindedly, yes!

    Oh, and thank you.

  5. @ Empress Divine... could this fact that "time waits on no man" be considered beauty or blemish? Maybe it depends on how one views the concept... but the poem laments over the Universality of Time...

    @ Kofi ... thanks. I am glad you admire my pieces. I am a fan of your work as well, Banna.

  6. "Purposeful, structured and well crafted. Not just random wods thrown together because they sound good. I dig it, a real writer."


  7. Kaya,

    yes, the fact that "time waits for no man" is beauty and blemish depending on the bifocals one looks through. I personally find it beautiful.

    According to Wikipedia, "Time is one way....., an arrow....,immutable in its inexorable progress.........or so it seems. It never deviates nor never changes and so it will NOT wait for any man. " That's the very beauty of time and I agree that this piece moans its universal truth.

    waiting anxiously for the next read....

    Empress Divine

  8. Empress Divine...Time never waits ... CORRECT ... here today, gone tomorrow. is anything in life constant? or, is everything a fleeing illusion? Are things subject to change as leaves in a season?


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