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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Longing for, More

"I was cold and I danced to keep warm."~ Josephine Baker
"Ms. Josephine-" Kaya Omodele replies, "this is why I write."

Suffered a thousand deaths!
caged in an eight-by-ten
a bull in a pen
pacing steps, grunting
confined in concreted spaces
designed to
gut spirit from ribs
and plastic wrap thoughts
in stifling loneliness.

When Lonely oozes through
these cinderblocks
and tussles with my dreams
sucking warmth from conscience;
your photos spark the darkness
with so much soul-rousing light,
your taste lingers, sweet,
like tongue kissing time.

Though you're not here in my arms tonight
your memory I hug tight
I'm so longing for-
a hint of your scent
in that Egyptian-cotton, white sundress
wispy whispers, "Yes,"
of you.


  1. A stunning woman Ms. Josephine Baker was... and so is this poem.
    Keep reaching in those deep waters and pulling out these literary masterpieces that you do so well...

    Flow on. 👍

    1. Thanks for passing through, Sis. And please keep reading. One Love


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