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Thursday, March 22, 2012

When I-ngels Cried

When I-ngels Cried (to Chassidy and Cam)
©K.Omodele 11-13-07

In an urban landscape which crumpled my soul
Where ulterior motives are brushstrokes by
shardy images of an elusive and
scarred-face dream, I barely noticed when two I-ngels* sighed.

In the solace of an early summer lake
in May, when bird chat was an Ella-scat, and while
soothing powder blue caressed over luscious green
and jerk-seasoned smoke, I clearly saw two I-ngels smile.

On the day the sun refused to shine, when freedom
rushed away like a ship on a West African tide
Seperated by bars, brick, glass panes and misery,
my heart tumbled like a stone when two I-ngels cried.
©K.Omodele 11-13-07

* Angels

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