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Thursday, September 19, 2013

SEEKING MAKEDA: Journey Through Affliction (Feeling)

SEEKING MAKEDA: Journey Through Affliction (Feeling)
copyright K. Omodele 2013

Fate's tormenting winds miscarried Queen's grain,
Hemorrhaged essence erupted her shame,
Then, snatched from her bust, King shackled and chained,
Fullness drilled hollow by heart-wrenching strain.

Late Mom's lullabies torched scars in her brain,
Teeth clenched as Fate pelted torrential baneful moments.
Lava, tears lament aflame,
Bare molten sorrow scorched cheeks like stained panes.

Empress Makeda balled fists through stone rains,
Soul anguished, blazing, inflaming her veins,
Scalding puddles waned formed pebbles of pain,
Wise mind*- a sword forged by life pounding change.

*Wise mind~Wisdom

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