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Friday, September 9, 2011

Word, Sound, Power: TriUne (Tribute to Rastafari in Transition)

(Never Gone! Never Forgotten!)

Word, Sound, Power: TriUne (Tribute to the Rastafari in Transition )
copyright K. Omodele 2011 

 Man, Know Thyself
Physically, Mentally, Spiritually
Eye and Eye
i. i n I
Prophet, Priest, King
Word, Sound, Power
Kete, Fundeh, Bass
Second, Minute, Hour
Ites (Red), Gold, Green
Knowledge, Wise-mind, Overstanding
One! One! One!
  Aim,       God,     Destiny
Air, Water, Fire
Breath, Chalice, Fire
Man, Wombman, Child
 Light, Love, Life
Man, Know Thyself
Africa, Carry beyond (Caribbean), Americas
Prophet, Priest, King
Word, Sound, Power
Sun, Moon, World
Second, Minute, Hour 
Head, Body, Soul
 Justice, Livity, Truth
Father, Mother, Child
the Elders, The Movement , the Youth
the Abeng, the Shaker/shak shak, the Akete
Word, Sound, Power

Wake Up! LIVE-aspora
cyaan dis di Tri-Unity
the Box.

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