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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Longing For?

Copyright 2007 K.Omodele all rights reserved

Longing for...
Though you’re here in my heart night and day,
your scent is elusive, faded like life’s first image
Sometimes I can make out your voice sighing my name
light as a whisper of blossoms-sorrel, mango, guava;
gentle as the moonlight’s touch on a blacked-out night.
Night after night after night I can feel your touch
like a Caribbean breeze’s caress, goosing up my skin,
lifting through me like sap in a ganja plant.
Intoxicating. Stimulating.Yearning
for you to appear
remain as fleeing illusions
to be pursued
but never attained.


  1. Completely captivating.

    I love these lines the most:
    "lifting through me like sap in a ganja plant.
    Intoxicating. Stimulating."

  2. Beautiful! Very descriptive. Though I can't relate to all of it; I get the picture :-)

  3. @ Tonya...I enjoyed creating those lines... Can't be too stiff...


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