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Friday, October 16, 2009

Auntie's Ayes

Happy Earthday, Auntie Cee!!!

My Auntie’s Ayes
©K.Omodele Oct 10, 2007

My auntie’s ayes are never ever blue,
but warm glims, they blend green tints hazel-brown;
When down pressed they arise, as phoenix true,
Like gusts of wind, they urge me off the ground.

My aunties’s noes not straight , not cold,
And never isolatingly abrupt.
Round African noes, like a blanket old-
Still somehow comforting- love enwraps

Auntie’s voice beacons like a lighthouse bright
Guiding a lost ship through a dark night sea.
When storms have battered, her words dove-like
sing, “Boy you can be who you want 2 be”
My Aunt, who bestows Divine Oneness wealth,
Believes in me times I’ve doubted my self.
©K.Omodele Oct 10, 2007


  1. Everybody should have an Auntie Cee. She sounds beautiful.I like your use of ??homonyms. Is it just eyes and nose or is there some other meaning to the spelling of those words? Thanks for this one. I really enjoyed this piece. Very nostalgic-NY.

  2. Love the lyrical wordplay. She sounds very endearing and supportive. Nice..



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