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Saturday, September 26, 2009

How The Hibiscus Grew

Red Hibiscus 'Psyche' in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) ...Image via Wikipedia

How The Hibiscus Grew
© K.Omodele 11-11-07

Spring’s vernal fragrance like anointing dew
Blue cloud free skies, a washed and anew
In golden morn’s kiss, the hibiscus grew

From sodden nightmares, it writhed fresh - anew
Like how young lovers' hearts surge as they grew
through fences - the way hibiscuses do

Despite shoddy soil the hibiscus grew
Discarding old dreams; embracing the new
morning’s glisten, as it kisses the dew.

From the dew dampened night, the dawn arises anew; each winter
presents the promise of spring. The gift of Jah is Life.
© K.Omodele 11-11-07

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